Welcome To The Family

La Coina Nostra. Our Thing.

$MAFIA is the first loyaltycoin. A coin of honor and respect that will power the upcoming Omertà DAO


What is $MAFIA?

It’s a token you can’t refuse.

The first LoyaltyCoin on the Ethereum Blockchain

A currency that turns the traditional association between organized crime and crypto into a bullcase.

It’s a smart contract—a blood oath—that kicks up profits to every member of the family.

Once you’re in, there’s no walking away.

Sicilian Tokenomics

As Decreed By The Commission®
Remain loyal, and you’ll be taken care of for life.
You want out? Two ways. Dead, or in the can.

Automated Kick-ups (4% Marketing)

every time a transaction is completed, 4% is taxed and sent to marketing wallet.

Liquidity Generator

With every transaction, 3% is redirected to the liquidity pool, providing price stability for holders. Our Thing has never gone insolvent.


2% of all sales are taxed and redirected into a development fund increasing our strength and the speed with which we conquer the criminal underworld.

Welcome to your initiation ritual.

Now you take the oath: the holder’s oath.

This is our family saint, Mafia Chan.

As burns this saint, so may your soul burn if you betray your friends.

I enter alive and I will have to get out dead.

Repeat after me: “May I burn in Hell, if I betray my friends.” Welcome, "friend of ours.”

Featured On:

TURF WAR: Players will level up by acquiring NFT real estate that can be used to passively earn $MAFIA.

SHOOTOUT: Members of the family can earn $MAFIA, NFT weapons, and territory to level up Mafia-Chan and her gun and take control for action-packed minigames

CASINO: A suite of $MAFIA gambling smart contracts will support the gaming ecosystem postlaunch, rewarding soldiers who want to risk it all to make it big

Omerta: Team

110 Longfellow Ave, Staten Island, NY 10301

Our Rise To Power

The vision set forth by The Commission of Five Families

Q3 2022Q4 2022Q1 2023
CMC/CG listingsExpand Team of DevelopersDevelopment of Cross-Chain or Chain Migration
Presale and Launch$MAFIA Merchandise ShopSponsored Live Event Featuring ex-Sopranos Cast Member
Endorsement from Ex-Mafia BossNFT Airdrops to Loyal Holders + Marketplace OpeningFormation of Omerta DAO
Smart Contract AuditMarket Cap Valuation of $100MMeeting of the Commission in Sicily
$1mm in LPLottery, Poker, and Slot Machine MiniGames$1B Valuation